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Do you ever feel like you're in conflict with yourself?  Do you want to change but find you can't?  Are you in emotional pain?

The 3Keys model explains why by 1) providing an understanding of your Core Self, profiled using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®), 2) uncovering subconscious defenses, profiled using the Enneagram, and how these interact with and sabotage your Core, and 3) using imagery, art, music, dream analysis and somatic exploration to "unhook" subconscious defensive programming.  Based on brain research, 3Keys healing provides sustainable tools for you to continue your personal growth independently. 


This is an intensive approach typically offered as weekly in-person sessions. Daylong and multi-day sessions are available for local and non-local clients. More information about the 3Keys to Self-Understanding model is available here.

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Have you lost a loved one? Are you having trouble getting through it?  Is there an ending that must be faced?  Are you in a major life transition? 


Losses, endings and change often bring up overwhelming sadness.  Grief is a natural response to these situations.  It is only by facing grief that it can be fully healed.  

Bereavement support provides companionship in one-on-one or small group settings around the grieving process.  Sessions are facilitated to create a safe environment in which you can share authentically and feel deeply heard.  In addition, the use of other techniques like art, music, writing, imagery and ceremonial ritual allows you to gently expose the layers of grief associated with loss and move toward acceptance.

This approach is offered in person as a series of sessions lasting 60-90 minutes each.

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Have you struggled with defining what "God" means to you?  Do you want to be able to access Divine wisdom as you navigate the challenges of life?


Spiritual Coaching is a reflective approach for those who are seeking a deeper connection to the Source and to their authentic spirituality.  Sessions are individualized to meet your unique needs.  In addition to reflecting on gentle, open-ended questions, you will benefit from other approaches like meditation, art, writing, and imagery to access your own wise voice within.  This voice connects you to the Divine and provides guidance to support solutions for all of life's obstacles.


Spiritual coaching sessions are offered in person and online and typically last 60-90 minutes. 

Reiki Healing


Are you experiencing pain or discomfort?  Is stress affecting your overall physical or emotional wellness?  Do you have trouble relaxing or sleeping?

Reiki is proven to help.  It is a gentle, hands-on relaxation technique that produces systemic calm and balance to promote your body’s natural healing abilities. Reiki supports healing at all levels - body, mind and spirit - and works well as a complement to other medical or therapeutic techniques.


Each Reiki session is uniquely customized to meet your specific needs.  After Reiki sessions, you will experience increased feelings of relaxation, peace, and overall well-being.  Many report dramatic symptom relief.  

Sessions are offered in-person and online and typically last 60-90 minutes.



If you want to know more about who you are and why you do what you do, personality typing is revealing.

Through in-depth exploration, you learn about the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and Enneagram personality typing tools and how they interact.  You receive typing on both systems, which illuminates how you (and others) operate.


Sessions are offered in person and online and typically last 2 hours.

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Are you interested in enhancing the wellness of your staff or those you serve?  Are you looking for new tools to help those in your organization handle stress or life transitions?  If so, these engaging community workshops might complement your existing programming.

From Collective Grief to Inspired Action

Empowered Parenting

Keys to Self-Understanding

Legacy Letters

Contact me to collaborate in customizing your organization's workshops.

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