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Jill Morgan

I am a healing and spiritual care professional, dedicated to helping others move toward wholeness in mind, body and spirit.  I have been facilitating individualized holistic wellness sessions since 2013.

Having experienced the dramatic benefits myself, I am passionate about the power of the 3Keys to Self-Understanding model, right-brain practices, and energy work to facilitate emotional, physical and spiritual healing, as well as to uncover hidden wisdom and access the Core Self.  Creating a safe space for personal exploration is my top priority, and every session is customized to meet your unique needs.

Jill Morgan of Wellsprings Within

I also have over 15 years of experience facilitating engaging educational workshops for adult learners and regularly offer experiential classes and workshops for small and large groups.  

I am based in southwestern New Hampshire, USA.

Please contact me to schedule your free 30-minute consultation: or (520) 271-7071.


Interfaith Chaplain, 3Keys to Self-Understanding, MBTI®, Reiki Master, Hypnosis

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